All Things Google


As a GUHSD student, you will have access to several google applications; teachers will expect you to use these apps to complete assignments, stay organized, and be productive. Additionally, many of the Google apps have an Apple / Android smartphone app equivalent. Please familiarize yourself with the Google apps below.

Google Mail

Gmail is your school email account application. Your email is Emailing is a great way to communicate with your teachers!

Learn How to Use Gmail

Google Classroom

Many teachers will deliver online assignments to you through Google Classroom. You can also turn your assignments in to be graded. Your teacher will familiarize you with this app.

Using Classroom

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based hard drive, and is where all of your google docs, slides, etc. are stored. Learning how to manage your drive will help you stay organized and efficient!

Learn How to Use Drive

Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processing application. It is Google's equivalent to Microsoft Word. You will use this app to create, share, collaborate and complete assignments.

Learn How to Use Docs

Google Sites

Google Sites is a website creation application. Many teacher have google sites as their classroom website. Additionally, students can create websites.

Learn How to Use Sites

Google Slides

Google Slides is a powerpoint-type presentation application. Learn the basic and advanced features to create elaborate and effective class presentations!

Learn How to Use Slides

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is your online calendar app. Stay organized by keeping track of your personal, academic, and other school-related events!

Learn How to Use Calendar