Read + Write for Google

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Read&Write for Google Chrome helps everyone engage with digital content (e.g. documents, web pages, PDFs) in a way that suits his/her abilities and learning styles by making the content more accessible.

Read&Write offers a range of powerful support tools to help you gain confidence with reading, writing, studying and research, including:

  • Text-to-speech to hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting

  • Text and picture dictionaries to see the meaning of words explained

  • With speech-to-text, dictate words to assist with writing, proofreading & studying

  • Word prediction offers suggestions for the current or next word as you type

  • Collect highlights from text in documents or the web for summarizing and research

  • Create and listen to voice notes directly inside of Google Docs

  • Simplify and summarize text on web pages to remove ads and other copy that can be distracting

How-To Video Tutorials

The Youtube Playlist to the right contains 25 videos that show you how to use all of the features of Read + Write.

Click the "1/25" icon next to the Share button to select between all of the videos.