Talking Points

For Parents

What is Talking Points?

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Talking Points is a free messaging tool teachers and parents can use to communicate with each other. This tool offers translation as well, so messages will be displayed in your preferred language.

Teachers obtain parent phone numbers from Infinite Campus, so parents do not need to do anything to start receiving text messages from teachers.

Parents can communicate via text message (the default) or through the Talking Points Phone App (optional).

Parent can opt out of receiving messages by typing goodbye

How Does Talking Points Work?

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  1. Teacher Messages Parents

    • Message is translated for parents accordingly

  2. Parents View and Respond (via Text Message or Phone App)

    • Message translated for teacher accordingly

  3. Teacher Views Message

Conversation can continue by either parent or teacher by sending more messages

How do I use Talking Points?

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How to Use the Phone App

Download the Phone App

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How do I get help with Talking Points?

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