Leaving GUHSD?


Once you unenroll from GUHSD or graduate, your school Google account will be terminated and you will lose access to your school Google account data, including all files in your google drive. Google accounts are disabled for students on July 15. To prevent this, you will need to transfer your school account data to a personal Google account. Follow the directions to accomplish this.

Options to transfer your various Google account data to a personal Google account (@gmail.com).

  • Google Takeout - Archives and downloads some or all of your Google services. Exports Docs as Word files, Sheets as Excel files, and Slides as PowerPoint files.

  • Google Drive Files and Folders - You can share files and/or folders of content with individuals in GUHSD and transfer ownership of those items (in GUHSD only) in the Share menu.

  • Google Mail Only - Copy all of your email from your GUHSD account to another Google account.

  • Google Mail Contacts - Export contacts from GUHSD Google Mail and import them into a Gmail account.

  • Google Sites - For Google Sites, there are several steps. See below for instructions.

Copying a Google Site to Personal Google Account

The instructions below are for copying a Google Site from one account to another Google account (either at your new school or one with a gmail.com account).

  1. If required, create and set-up the new personal Google account

  2. In your GUHSD account:

    1. Click the Share button in the top right corner of the home page for the site.

    2. Share the entire site to the other Google account and give that account OWNER status

    3. The center window may have two parts (left and right, see image at right top) or one part (see image at right bottom)

    4. If the window has two parts, click on Site at the top of the tree on the left half

    5. Add the email address of the account you want to copy the site to

    6. Change the sharing level to OWNER

    7. Click OK, Save or Share to complete the sharing

  3. In your personal Google account, go to the website you want to copy

  4. Now follow these instructions from Google support

Please Note: Any embedded Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets from your GUHSD account will not show after your account is disabled.


Turn your Chromebook in to your school librarian before exiting the district.