How To Use Your Chromebook

The Basics


First Time Sign-in + Care

Keyboard & Touchpad

Keyboard / Touchpad Functions & Shortcuts


The Chromebook Keyboard and Touchpad have many distinct features. View the presentation or click the googledoc link below to see a thorough list of keyboard and touchpad movements and functions.

Uploading Photos from your Phone

Phone Photos --> Chromebook

Transferring Photos

The slideshow to the left contains videos that will help you move photos and videos from your cell phone to your Chromebook via USB or the Google Drive App. Your teacher may ask you to do this if you need to upload picture of a performance, art, or just your homework!

Other Features

Red circle with a logo of a camera in it

Camera / Microphone

Follow this link to learn all about the camera and photo options on your Chromebook.

Bluetooth symbol in a blue circle


Follow this link to learn all about using Bluetooth devices with your Chromebook.

Offline Options

Chromebooks Offline (GUHSD)

No internet? No problem!

Check out the presentation to learn about how you can use your Chromebook when you are offline. You can still do a lot!