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What is Schoology?

Schoology is a learning management system with assessment and course content management to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.

GUHSD teachers will use Schoology to assign student work, assessments, and discussions, and provide feedback.

For Students

How to Use Schoology

Watch the videos in the embedded Youtube video playlist below. The videos contained in the playlist are listed #1-9 on the left.

Videos in the Playlist

  1. How to Sign In

  2. Notifications

  3. Install Resource Apps

  4. How to Submit Work (Discussions)

  5. How to Submit Work (Assignments)

  6. How to Submit Work (Google Drive App Assignments)

  7. Smartphone App (Install / Login)

  8. Smartphone App (How to Use and Navigate)

  9. Smartphone App (How to Submit Work)

Schoology Student Submission Directions

For Parents

How to Use Schoology

Watch the videos below to learn how to access Schoology and use its features. View Resources referred to in the videos. Written documentation is also provided underneath the videos.

  1. How to gain access and Sign In

  2. Add another child to your parent account

  3. Features of your parent account

  4. Settings of your parent account


  1. Smartphone App

    • Install and Login

    • Features

    • Settings


Schoology Parent Access Resources