Using the Chrome Web Browser


Bookmarking important websites or assignments allows you to quickly access them again with one click. It is a great way to increase your productivity and efficiency as a student and learner.

How to Create Bookmarks and Folders

  1. Type in URL of website you would like to bookmark.

  2. Click on the star to right of URL.

  3. Select Folder: Bookmarks bar to appear on browser, or select a different location.

  4. Rename/shorten name of bookmarked link.

Suggested Bookmarks

  1. Infinite Campus Login

  2. Infinite Campus Password Reset

  3. Your School's Website

  4. Your Teachers' Websites

    • Search the "Directory" on your school's website to locate teacher websites

  5. Google Classroom

  6. Current Assignments you are working on

  7. Any suggested sites from individual class teachers - Ask your teacher!


You can add Extensions to your Chrome web browser to enhance the functionality of your Chrome browser and improve your internet experience. Finding the right ones will dramatically increase your productivity and efficiency as a student and learner. Chrome extensions can be added through the Chrome Web Store. Below is a list of approved Extensions.

How to Add Extensions

To Install Extension:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Search for and find extension.

  3. Click blue "+Add to Chrome" button.

To Manage/Delete Extension:

    • In Omnibar, type: chrome://extensions

    • Click on "Details" to further customize, or "Remove" to get rid of it.

Essential Extensions

  1. Adblock: Blocks ads on youtube and websites.

  2. Google Dictionary: Double-click any word within internet articles / sites to get the definition immediately.

  3. Grammarly: Offers suggestions to correct grammar mistakes in your writing.

  4. EasyBib: Easily create works cited entries for your papers and essays.